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The Fiscal Leadership Maryland Deserves

    As we move beyond this pandemic the next Comptroller will certainly need to be a candidate with tested GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE and someone who has been an advocate to protect the State’s taxpayers and small businesses. I want to take Harford’s model of FISCAL EFFICIENCY and customer service to the State. I have held the line on NO NEW TAXES along with launching digital platforms to improve customer service. I demonstrated that we can fund education, public safety and create jobs through INNOVATION and GOOD GOVERNMENT.


The Passion Maryland Needs

    My passion for public service has been instilled in me from my early years as a volunteer first responder. I have always defined success as working on behalf of all my constituents, regardless of political affiliation, race, gender, or financial status, I have stayed true to myself and my long-held compassionate beliefs. I always remember taxpayer dollars come from hard working Maryland families. As a public servant, I’m focused on using those resources to provide quality services and fight waste and abuse in government spending. I have balanced our Harford County budget WITHOUT RAISING TAXES. I am a PASSIONATE ADVOCATE for education, the economy and public safety. I have led businesses, served as State Delegate, a State Senator as well as a two-term County Executive. With my leadership we have maintained a AAA BOND RATING. I have led Marylanders steadily through two recessions, an Opioid crisis, and a pandemic.

I have the EXPERIENCE required and the PASSION needed to serve Marylanders with fiscal expertise and accountability.

That is why I am asking to serve you as the next COMPTROLLER OF MARYLAND. I look forward to you joining me on this journey, as together, we will lead our state into a brighter fiscal future.